I’m a 2nd year PhD student in Computer Science at the University of Washington, and a visiting researcher at Facebook AI Research. I’m advised by Noah Smith and Luke Zettlemoyer.

I was previously a Predoctoral Young Investigator at AI2, and a data scientist and software engineer in startups in Boston and Seattle. And in another world, I did research in neuroscience!

I do research in natural language processing and machine learning. My main research interests are:

Check out my publications to learn more.


  • Two papers (“DEMix” and “Time Waits for No One!”) accepted to NAACL 2022!
  • In April, I’ll be giving a guest lecture in the Data Processing + Values course at UW on our quality filtering paper.
  • Our new preprint, “Whose Language Counts As High Quality?”, just dropped!
  • I’ll be giving a talk at IBM Research Zurich in early March.