Suchin Gururangan


I am a research scientist at Meta GenAI, on the Llama team. I received my PhD in Computer Science in 2024 at the University of Washington. I was supported by the 2022 Bloomberg PhD Fellowship, and was previously a visiting researcher at Meta AI and a predoctoral resident at AI2.

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In general, please reach out if you have questions about my research, UW or UWNLP, getting a masters or PhD in NLP, or industry work. Happy to help in any way that I can!

If you are applying to grad school, I’d recommend checking out my blog post on writing a good personal statement.

Undergrads and Masters Students

Getting research experience is the best way to figure out whether you’d like to pursue a PhD. Research experience is also required for getting into most PhD programs these days.

I’ve collaborated with many awesome undergrads and masters students.

If you’re looking to work on a project, please email me a brief overview of your general research interests, as well as your resume. I mostly care about whether our research interests align, your previous experience, as well as your short-term career goals. Most of the projects I work on have a heavy programming component, so it’s necessary that you have worked on previous projects with Python (especially Pytorch and associated libraries, e.g. Fairseq and Huggingface) before. If you can point to personal or class projects, or published work, that demonstrate your experience, that would be great.

If you don’t have such experience yet, there are lots of great online resources to get up and running, as well as NLP classes at UW that you could take.

Undergrad/Masters Collaborators

Kai Nylund
Currently an undergraduate at the University of Washington

Leroy Wang
Currently an undergraduate at the University of Washington

Machel Reid
Currently an independent researcher at University of Tokyo.

Karishma Mandyam (M.S. 2020)
Currently a research engineer at Facebook AI Research.

Samuel Gehman (M.S. 2020)
Currently a research engineer at Stripe.

Tam Dang (M.S. 2019)
Currently a research engineer at Xevo.